Cold Glaze Gel

Sweet & shiny, as it should be

Taking your bakery products quality to the next level. Cold glaze nandi peegel is a perfect choice if you want sweetness, glossy shine, colour, flavour, and moisture in cakes and help you write the messages with ease.

Ideal for glazing pastry products, mousses, desserts, fresh fruits and more, our glazes are available in a wide range of flavours and packaging for any type of application within your bakery operation.

Our cold glaze gel is what you need to stand out, to work with horizontal or non-horizontal surfaces hassle-free.

Product List

Product List

Blueberry Glaze Gel
Butter Scotch Glaze Gel
Caramel Glaze Gel
Chocolate Glaze Gel
Kiwi Glaze Gel
Mango Glaze Gel
Neutral Glaze Gel
Orange Glaze Gel
Pineapple Glaze Gel
Strawberry Glaze Gel
Vanilla Glaze Gel
Silver Glaze Gel
Gold Glaze Gel
Red Velvet Glaze


Available in 200gms, 1kg & 2.5kgs


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