Cake Premix

It’s a bake-up call

Our Cake Premixes are a convenient mix for making moist and fluffy cakes and sponges that rise well, have a high output volume, are stable, and have a consistent crumb structure that gives a rich mouth feel using the best quality ingredients.

Product List

Product List

Classic Egg Free Chocolate Cake Premix
Classic Egg Free Vanilla Cake Premix
Premium Egg Free Chocolate Cake Premix
Premium Egg free Vanilla Cake premix
Brownie Cake Premix
American Brownie Cake Premix
Red Velvet Premix
All In One Premix (Vanilla)
All In One Premix (Chocolate)
Choco Lava Premix
Plum Cake Premix
Mawa Cake Premix
Cookies Premix (Vanilla)
Cookies Premix (Chocolate)
Waffle Premix


Available in 1kg and 5kg


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