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Primary Supra Colours

Make it all colour-liscious

Enhance the beauty of your culinary skills with a dash of premium food colours.

Presenting a range of bright and brilliant Supra food colours, a preferred choice of professionals for its excellent blend.

Adhering to the FSSAI Act, we ensure our Supra food colours are regulatory compliant.

Product List

Product List

Apple Green Supra
Brilliant Blue Supra (E-133)
Carmoisine Supra (E-122)
Chocolate Brown Supra
Erythrosine Supra (E-127)
Egg Yellow Supra
Keshari Super
Orange Red Super
Ponceau R Supra (E-124)
Sunset Yellow Supra (E-110)
Tartrazine Supra (E-102)


Available in 500gms, 1kg, 5kgs & 25kgs


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