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Synthetic Soft drink Concentrates

Fizzing up with Flavours

Synthetic soft drink concentrates are a homogenized mix of colors, flavours and clouding agents.

Your beverage’s taste can make or break a consumer’s mood if it doesn’t quench his/her expectations.

We are here to help you achieve a dense flavour along with unmatched taste in every drop of your beverage.

With well researched sensory palate, we offer a prestigious range of synthetic soft drink concentrates that deliver consistent flavour with every sip.

Product List

Product List

Mango Ghatt ssdc
Masala Soda Ssdc
Orange Ssdc
Pineapple Ssdc
Clear Lemon Ssdc
Lime Lemon Ssdc
Lychee Ssdc
Mango Alphanso ssdc

and many more flavours on request.


Available Packing ‘A’ Part/’B’part 100ml Liquid & 100gms Powder


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