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Oil Soluble Flavours

Looking for intense flavour?

If you’re bold with your recipes, oil soluble flavours can be your favourite additive.

With the use of oil soluble flavours, you can get the desirable flavour consistency in your products.

They are heat stable and are mainly used in chocolate and confectionary.

Our Oil Soluble Flavours are concentrated and versatile flavours giving your product the exact flavour consistency it needs.

It is heat stable. It is mainly used in chocolate, confectionary.

Product List

Product List

Apple O.S.
Black Currant O.S.
Blueberry O.S.
Bubblegum O.S.
Coffee O.S.
Chocolate O.S.
Coconut O.S.
Cardamom O.S.
Guava O.S.
Imli (Tamarind) O.S.
Lychee O.S.
Lemon O.S.
Mango O.S.
Mix Fruit O.S.
Milk O.S.
Malai Mawa O.S.
Orange O.S.
Peppermint O.S.
Pan Masala O.S.
Pineapple O.S.
Phudina O.S.
Rabdi O.S.
Raj Bhog O.S
Ras Malai O.S.
Rose O.S.
Rum O.S.
Strawberry O.S.
Tutti Frutti O.S.
Vanilla O.S.
Zeera (Cumin) Os.
Cotton Candy O.S.
Wiskey O.S.
Red Velvet O.S.

and many more flavours on request


Available in 20ml & 500ml


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